The Gimmick Behind Door Openers

Did you know that there is a Gimmick behind garage door openers? Most people think that the more horse power a garage door opener has , the stronger it is or the faster it runs. This is the biggest misconception about openers that has been put in place by marketing companies and passed down to salesman. Although it is true that some motors are designed to withstand the pressure of a heavier door, like an all wood Carriage house stye door, the main support is in a different rail that is used ....... not the motor. Horse power also does not mean that one motor is faster than the other. Then why all the different horse power and models?


Well the reason there are so many different types of motors and hp is because they all have different applications for different circumstances.EXAMPLE, If you need a motor to be quiet because your children are sleeping in the room that is above the garage, then you could use a belt drive motor instead of a chain drive. Chain drive motors tend to be a little noisier than belt drive for the obvious reason....... belt rails are rubber. If you loose power in your home often and are tired of getting surprised to find yourself locked out when you get home, then you could look into the Liftmaster 8550 or the Linear LDCO 800 because both are battery backup motors which allows you about a week or two of access through the garage without power in the home. 


If you have a huge Garage door and it is a  detached garage door (not attached to your home) then you could use a chain drive 1/2 or 1/3 HP problem. Now, if the detached Garage is what is known as a " Volted Garage", (no other access into the Garage except through a window), then you should look into a 3/4 horse power DC battery backup motor. Not because it sounds stronger, but because the battery backup is only available in a belt drive 3/4 hp DC motor and is most applicable in that situation. Thats why product knowledge is important. Not everyone fits into the same shoe size so why not go to someone who will get you a perfect fit the first time. If you have any more questions then give us a call and have a professional come to your home today.

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